VAT representation

To simplify doing business in Norway, foreign companies can choose to register a NUF (loosely translated to Norwegian foreign company). To work at Norwegian construction sites it is a necessity to register a company in Norway. In that case, you need a VAT representative.

KGH A&V serve as a VAT representative for a number of companies. Through our parent company we can also provide this service in Sweden, Denmark and Belgium as of today. VAT accounting practices are governed by the national customs and tax administration. We possess the knowledge and experience needed in both areas.

We offer
  • Registration of foreign companies for VAT in Norway making us your VAT representative.
  • Efficient accounting services covering VAT according to Norwegian law. We report VAT for the required terms as well as year-end. Your company will receive periodical or yearly summary of Norwegian operations.
  • Ongoing counseling, training and control of your VAT transactions.
  • Counseling regarding ID-control, green card, tax laws for companies and individuals, employer and wage / salary reporting duties for Norwegian operations through a-notice (a-ordningen).
  • Counseling regarding VAT during registration and according to your flow of goods within the EU as well as into and out of the EU.
VAT registration work flow

Preparation, analysis of flow of goods, warehouse and customer categories. Is VAT registration the best solution? What type of organization is most appropriate for your company?
At acceptance:

  • Registration in the register of business enterprises
  • Registration in the central coordinating register for legal entities
  • Registration in the value added tax register
  • Assistance when applying for customs credit at the central tax administration
  • We offer client accounts for VAT and prepaid tax
  • Counseling to ensure correct handling of your local accounting of Norwegian operations
  • Information provided regarding laws and regulations governing foreign personnel working in Norway