Expertise within the areas of VAT and customs is more important than ever, due to stricter requirements from the Authorities. 

Previous manual archiving and control of customs declarations has been replaced by a web-based customs archive, which includes receiving, storage, settlement and advertising of your customs documents, regardless of the freight forwarder. KGH A&V Services can offer quality assurance of a complete customs archive. Together with KGH Customs Services we have a unique expertise within VAT and customs management. We tailor our services to your needs. 

The system also meets the Customs requirements for storage, cf. Section 4-12 and Section 13-4 of the Customs Act. 


KGH A&V’s customs archive services may include:

  • Advertising of declarations from other freight forwarders.
  • Advertising and upload of sub-documents (invoice) from all freight forwarders. 
  • Quality control, meaning checking supplier invoices against customs clearance, such as amount, currency, package, weight, correct tariff, and that all invoices have been cleared. 
  • Control of correct tariff and correct fees.
  • VAT-report reconciled with declaration overview in Altinn. Important if you have any recalculations, EU 5 and EU 6. This is required accounting documentation.
  • Relief during holidays and illness.